Headlight Restoration

Do your headlights look like this? Keep reading!

If your headlights look hazy, discolored, and down right disgusting, you are victim to what is called oxidized headlights. You may also hear other similar phrases thrown around such as hazy headlights, cloudy headlights, or foggy headlights. However, don’t assume that it’s from your lack of care for your vehicle as the root cause. In fact, it is quite common and hundreds of thousands of cars face the same problem. Fortunately, anyone can restore their headlights and bring them back to crystal clear condition!

Hazy headlights are dangerous!

Most people do nothing about their cloudy headlights and assume their is no affect on overall visibility. However, that is far from the truth! According to the AAA, foggy headlights can reduce your headlights output by as much as 90%! Not only does it impact your visibility, it also impacts surrounding drivers from seeing you. Therefore, driving at night can become very dangerous and sometimes even fatal.

Why do headlights become hazy?

Most headlights are made from plastic / polycarbonate material. Overtime the clear coat will fade which causes oxidation to occur through normal everyday usage. This oxidation is only accelerated by the strong UV light from the sun if your vehicle is outdoors for long periods of time, tiny dirt, debris, and grime that contacts your headlights while in motion, and any chemicals that range from acidic rain to chemicals used to melt snow.

The right headlight restoration solution for you!

Repairing and cleaning your headlight can either cost you: nothing, a few bucks, or a couple hundred dollars, all depending on which route you choose to take. Rich folks might resort to taking it to a detailing shop which will probably charge them at least 3x what it would take for them to do it themselves. Rich folks also might just buy a brand new headlight which can costs hundreds of dollars from the dealership. The DIY folks will try to use home chemicals and products they read about working such as vinegar and toothpaste to only find out it’s never as effective. However, we recommend going with a well known car detailing oriented brand that specializes in car care, and in our case headlight restoration.You can pick up a headlight restoration kit for under $20 that will last you years to come.

What is the best headlight restoration kit?

Well we set out to test different headlight restoration kits from 3M, Mothers, Meguiars, and more and after careful testing, we have found the best headlight restoration kit for the money. Click here to see our headlight restoration kit reviews!