Acura TL Type-S Headlight Restoration

Vehicle: 2004 Acura TL Type-S

Restoration Kit: Mothers Powerball 4Lights Headlight Restoration Kit

This white 2004 Acura TL Type-S has slight haze building on up the headlights. It isn’t as extreme as some headlights as we have shown. The kit of choice was the Mothers Powerball 4Lights Headlight Restoration Kit.

Here’s a before look at both the driver and passenger headlights.

Don’t forget as with most headlight restoration kits we will need our handy power drill!

Next we apply some of the polish from the Mothers Powerball Kit…

Once that’s polished up here is how the completed driver side looks compared to the cloudy passenger side.

A close up of the driver side headlight…

Next we move to the passenger side. Here’s how it looks..

Using the same technique and application from the Mothers restoration kit gives us these results:

Now here are both headlights completed. Much better than before for sure!

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