Chevy Cobalt Headlight Restoration

Vehicle: Chevy Cobalt

Restoration Kit: 3M Headlight Restoration Kit

Another day another headlight restoration. This time on a Chevrolet Cobalt that has fallen victim to yet another case of oxidized yellowing headlights from natural causes. The solution is the 3M Headlight Restoration Kit that will bring these headlights back to life.

ford focus headlight restoration

Make sure you buy your handy 3M Headlight Restoration Kit at one of our preferred retailers. This specific kit was the 39045 kit.

3m headlight restoration kit

Once you have the kit you can lay it all out and see the contents here:

3m headlight restoration kit

Make sure you mask off the headlights using the highly rated 3M Automotive Masking Tape. You can see the conditions of the headlight are quite bad.

chevy cobalt headlight

Make the first pass with the 320 grit pad. It will cause the headlight to look more foggier.

chevy cobalt headlight restoration

Perform the same thing with the 500 grit pad. There will be a slight improvement.

chevy cobalt headlight restoration

Here is how it looks after passing through with the 800 grit pad.

chevy cobalt headlight restoration

Here’s how it looks after using the Trizact foam disk and water.

chevy cobalt headlight restoration

Finally the last thing is to use the orange pad and headlight polish and you should get something that looks like this!

chevy cobalt headlight restoration

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