Honda S2000 Headlight Restoration

Vehicle: Honda S2000

Restoration Kit: Meguiar’s Heavy Duty Headlight Restoration Kit

Honda’s once acclaimed sports car is now a decade old believe it or not since introduction. As fun and raw as this car is, it also succumbed to the effects of hazy headlights. No fear as Meguiars headlight restoration kit came to the rescue.

Here is how the headlight looks before we touched it without using any camera flash. Doesn’t seem that bad right?

s2000 headlight restoration


Wrong! Here it is with camera flash where the cloudiness is much more apparent.

s2000 headlight

As always you get to work right away and follow instructions provided. Here is one headlight done. We took no chances with the body panels as you can see too!


And finally here it is compared to the original one. On to the next one!

meguiars headlight restoration


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