3M 39008 Headlight Restoration Kit Review

Today’s test features the 3M 39008 headlight lens restoration kit. This kit will feature everything you need except for a household drill, some automotive/painters tape, and cleaning cloth. The kit is good enough to repair a pair (two) headlights. You can pick up the 3M 39008 kit locally for $25 but it is as cheap as $15 on Amazon where this was purchased.

3m 39008 headlight restoration kit

The vehicle in question is a 2004 Subaru WRX STi. It’s hard to believe but this car is nearing 8 years old. The headlights were starting to go bad but not as bad as we’ve seen in other cars. However, an upclose view would show numerous scratches, scuff marks, and discoloration.

wrx sti hazy headlightwrx sti foggy headlight

Before you begin any headlight restoration it is best to tape off the edges that surround your headlight. We used 3M’s automotive protective tape but regular blue painters tape will work as well. You can also remove your headlights but we find its easier when your headlight is in the car. Now we are ready to begin!

wrx sti headlight restoration

The first step is to sand your headlights with the provided 500 grit discs in the 3M kit. Attach it to your power drill and do slow consistent passes over your headlight. Do not stay stationary in one spot too long and do not put too much pressure as that will cause a deep scratch. Don’t worry if you think your headlight is worsening. It’s all part of the process.

wrx sti headlight restoration

After that you will do the same procedure but with the 800 grit disc. Your headlight will start to slightly improve because of the finer grit on the disc. Be sure to add some water as needed.

3m wrx sti headlight restoration

After the 800 grit disc you will finish it off with the P3000 Trizact pad. This pad will bring your headlights back to normal condition and is essentially the most important step. It is also extremely important to be constantly applying water. Take your time with this step until it looks right.

wrx sti headlight cleaning

Finally the last step will call for the usage of the orange disc and rubbing compound. This is where you can start to see your headlight become crystal clear just as when it was new. Use a towel, preferably microfiber, to wipe off excess compound.

3m headlight restoration review

That’s it! Here’s the finish look with one headlight done. As you can see it shines like new and looks pristine. A job well done and all under an hour.

wrx sti headlight finished

wrx sti headlight finished

The 3M 39008 headlight restoration kit is by far our favorite. The value is unbeatable at $15 and the results are almost perfect. Other kits are sometimes hit or miss but the 3M kit has always worked perfectly. This is our #1 pick and you can’t go wrong in our opinion.