Meguiar’s Heavy Duty Headlight Restoration Kit Review

Meguiar’s offers several headlight restoration kits but to be fair with other brands in the same price range we tested the Meguiar’s Two Step (Heavy Duty) Headlight Restoration Kit. This kit retails for $30 but can be found cheaper online at Amazon. It includes everything you will need including the sanding discs, towels, and polish. You will still need to use some type of automotive masking tape though.

meguiars heavy duty headlight restoration kit

Today’s test subject is a Honda Civic Si with slightly hazed headlights but enough to take action. The first step to any headlight restoration is to clean the headlights with cleaning solution and then mask off the edges to prevent you from scratching them like so.

meguiars two step headlight restoration kit

Once you are ready, start to sand your headlight with the 1000 grit disc in a left to right motion only while frequently wetting the grit. Your headlight should start to become more hazy and have a frosted look. Wipe it clean with the supplied microfiber towel when you are done with the 1000 grit pass.

honda civic headlight restoration

honda civic headlight restoration

The next step is very similar to the previous except there are two differences. You will now use the 3000 grit disc and only move up and down, not left and right. Continue to wet the disc like before as well. It should start to look a little better but still cloudy and thats ok. Finish it off by wiping it clean with the microfiber towel.

honda civic headlight cleaning

Next we are going to use the polishing pad attached to a power drill and use about a nickel size of the Meguiar’s PlastX polishing solution. Take your time and go slow. You will most likely need to apply the Meguiar’s PlastX solution more than once. We used a medium speed with very light pressure.

meguiars heavy duty headlight restoration

meguiars two step headlight restoration

Now the final step is to seal the headlights by applying the headlight protectant using only a 100% cotton towel or applicator pad. Apply it and wipe in a left to right motion and wipe off any excess with a microfiber towel.


That’s it! Obviously you will need to repeat the process for the other side headlights but it should look brand new.

civic headlights

The Meguiar’s Heavy Duty Headlight Restoration Kit provides a lot of bang for the buck. It’s not as cheap as other solutions but it comes with nearly everything you need to clean your headlights. I’ve never seen a case where the Meguiar’s kit didn’t produce phenomenal results.