Mothers PowerBall 4Lights Headlight Restoration Kit Review

Mothers is no stranger to car detailing products and often has some of the best products on the market. Their Mothers PowerBall 4Lights Headlight Restoration Kit has been out for quite some time now but has it earned a spot at the top? The kit comes with almost everything you need except for a power drill which is needed for the ‘Powerball 4Lights’ and also some automotive masking tape. At $20 on Amazon is this worth it over the competition? Lets find out…

Mothers PowerBall 4Lights Headlight Restoration Kit

Our test subject today is a 2006 Subaru WRX. While not new and not old, this car is starting to show discoloration and haze on the headlights.

Mothers Headlight Restoration Kit

Mothers Headlight Restoration Kit

You must first wipe down and clean your headlights before you begin. Once that is done you will need to attach the PowerBall 4Lights to a drill and apply a nickel size amount of polish to it. At a slow-medium speed, gently polish your headlights in a circular motion. You will probably need more polish.

mothers headlight restoration

Mothers will provide you 2 square pads of sand paper that is labeled from #1 to #4. You will have to start with #1 and sand your way up to #4. As you sand, the headlight should go from really hazy to slightly better each time as the grit becomes finer and finer.

mothers headlight restoration kit

Here is how a sanded headlight looks. That isn’t glare from the sun either.

mothers headlight restorer

Once that is done, you will go back to the same procedure for step 1 and take your drill with the attached PowerBall 4Lights and apply the polishing solution to the sanded headlight. Buff your headlight until it starts to become crystal clear. You may need to apply slight pressure and take your time. The outcome should look like so…

wrx headlight restoration

wrx headlight

As you can see, the Mothers PowerBall 4Lights Headlight Restoration Kit did it’s job as promised. But was it really worth it versus the cheaper alternatives? Make no mistake that this kit works and is obviously cheaper than buying a new headlight but I think it’s comparable to the other kits. The end result is the same and comes down ultimately if you’re willing to spend an extra or less five bucks for something similar.