Rain-X Headlight Restoration Kit Review

Rain-X is not a company often associated with headlight restoration but more for their windshield products. If they make good wipers and good windshield waxes then they must know a thing or two. The Rain-X Headlight Restoration Kit is a bare essentials kit that comes with everything you’d need to get the job done. There are no fancy tools needed and all this can be had for under $15 on Amazon.

Rain-X Headlight Restoration Kit

This car is a little different from other car since it is using aftermarket headlights. However, most aftermarket headlights are made of the same standards and materials as OEM manufacturer. It only shows that even aftermarket headlights are subject to the same headlight discoloration and haze.

rain x headlight restoration

This headlight restoration kit is no different from the others. With the supplied sandpaper pads, move your way up from #1 to #3 while using the supplied lubricant. After the last pass of sandpaper, buff your headlight using the supplied compound polish and towel. Wipe it clean and then seal it off with the supplied sealant.

rain x headlight restoration kit

The end result should look a little something like this, a night and day difference!

honda headlight restoration

honda headlight restoration

We’ve seen a lot of mixed results with the Rain-X Headlight Restoration Kit, some people have had great success like we did while others did not. It could be an issue of user error but from our tests it seemed to work fine. The issue comes down to price and if its even worth considering since there are other highly praised products in the price range. That choice is up to you!