Turtle Wax T240KT Headlight Restoration Kit Review

Turtle Wax is a household name when it comes to car cleaning products so it was no question to try out their latest Turtle Wax T240KT Headlight Restoration Kit. By far the cheapest cleaning kit on the market as low as $10 on Amazon, we wondered if this is a case of you get what you pay for. For the price you pay you get the bare essentials for the job at hand and don’t need any power tools. There was only one way to find out if this is all it’s cracked up to be.

turtle wax t240kt headlight restoration kit

A lot of times fog lights are subject to even discoloration and haze due to the lower placement of the actual light. This particular Nissan Frontier had headlights in good working order but the fog lights needed some TLC.

turtle wax headlight restoration kit

The first thing you’ll need to do is take a clean cloth and apply a small size drop of the clarifying compound and thoroughly apply throughout your headlight, or in our case our fog light. Let it dry and remove any excess compound.

turtle wax headlight restorationLike other kits, Turtle Wax supplies you with 3 sand paper pads in various grits ranging from 2400 to 8000. Interestingly this is a lot more fine than other kits. Take the first pad (they’re numbered) and apply some of the spray lubricant onto the headlight and pad. Gently move the pad across the light left and right. Be sure to spray more lubricant if it dries.

turtle wax headlight restorationAfter a few minutes you can now do the same thing but with pad #2. This time instead of going the same direction, go up and down. Spray more lubricant as needed.

turtle wax headlight restorerRepeat the same process with pad #3 but go left and right just like you did with pad #1.

turtlewaxOnce that’s done turn the pad over to #4, added more lubricant if needed and move in an up and down motion. You have now completed all the wet sanding!

nissan frontier

Next you need to dry the light and wipe off any lubricant. Take the same clarifying compound and cloth as earlier and apply it to the headlight. Buff it out slowly with a clean cloth.

turtle wax clean headlightsFinish it off by wiping it clean and using the included lens sealing wipe. Voila, you are now done!.

nissan frontier foglightnissan frontier To be honest we had our skepticism when trying this kit because of the price. How good can a headlight restoration kit for $10 really be? As you can see it did a job well done. The Turtle Wax T240KT headlight restoration kit gives you the core essentials for headlight cleaning. There’s no need for any power tools or anything like that. You will need some masking tape though. For $10 you can’t go wrong at least to try it.