Subaru Legacy GT Headlight Restoration

Vehicle: Subaru Legacy GT

Restoration Kit: Meguiar’s Heavy Duty Headlight Restoration Kit

If you look closely to the background, you may notice the snow in the background. When you combine this with road salts that happen yearly, it’s clear that headlight discoloration and even scratches will occur. For this headlight restoration we turn to Meguiar’s headlight restoration kit.
subaru legacy gt headlight restoration

Up close you can make out the hazy headlight. Sorry for the iPhone cell phone photo in low light. This is what we’ll be working with.

subaru legacy headlight restoration

Here’s our trust Meguiar’s headlight restoration kit. You might want to read the box and instructions a little bit to familiarize yourself with everything.

subaru legacy headlight restoration

Clean the headlight before you start anything to clear dirt and debris off the headlights. Make sure to dry it thoroughly with a microfiber towel. After cleaning you need to tape off the headlight. We recommend using something like the 3M Automotive Masking Tape that won’t damage your paint.

subaru legacy gt headlight

Apply the polish included and start buffering the headlight with the also included buffing tool. Take your time and go slowly with light-medium pressure.

subaru legacy gt headlight restoration

Buff the headlight when you are done and clear all polish and leftover residue. If any areas need more polish then repeat the previous step until you are satisfied.

subaru legacy gt headlight

Lastly, remove the tape and clean up any areas you may have slipped and got polish on. Enjoy your new beautifully clear headlights!

meguiars headlight restoration kit

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