Subaru Legacy Headlight Restoration

Vehicle: 92 Subaru Legacy SS

Restoration Kit: 3M 39008 Headlight Restoration Kit

Now most of our restorations are usually from newer cars with plastic headlight covers and we’ve seen restoration kit work wonders. But does the same thing work for older glass headlights? We’re here to find out on this 92 Subaru Legacy using the popular 3M headlight restoration kit.

legacy headlight restoration

As always is good to look at the supplied materials from any headlight restoration kit and to get familiar with them. Also read the instructions carefully not once but twice to make sure you don’t skip a step.

3m headlight restoration kit

Clean off the headlights of any insects, grease, debris, or any bad stuff. You can notice the severe yellowing. With the headlamp so solid, it’s important that these are clean and clear.

92 subaru legacy headlight

Tape off the edges around the headlight including the grille, hood, fender, and bumper. We recommend using the 3M automotive masking tape.

3m automotive masking tape

Start off with the 500 grit sand paper with a drill and brush the surface of the headlight. Make sure you supply ample amounts of water on both the pad and headlight. Eventually the headlight will become cloudy and that’s simply because of the yellowing being sanded off.

subaru headlight restoration

Rinse off the headlight and make several more passes. Make sure to wet both the headlight and pad again. The headlight will start to become clearer but we’re far from done.

3m headlight restoration kit

Next use the 800 grit disc and make several more passes just like previously. This will remove any more scratches and smoothen out the headlight.

headlight restoration

The last and final disc is to make several passes with the 3000 grit pad. Repeat the same process like the other pads.

legacy headlight

Now you’ll have to buff the headlight by using the supplied rubbing compound. Start with small dime sized amount and slowly buff the headlight as low-med speeds. Continue until the compound becomes dry. Once you consider your headlight good, you can remove any excess rubbing compound. The result will be a nearly fresh headlight!

subaru legacy headlight


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